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I normally find I need really intensive conditioner following shampooing as otherwise my hair can feel brittle and less manageable, but the roots tend to become greasy quickly.

When I use bhringraj oil in the second shampoo (as recommended), my hair feels clean but not nearly as dry, so I can use a much lighter conditioner if needed.

You can omit the scalp massage and just apply lightly to hair ends for a gentle conditioning effect.

For combination hair conditioning, shampoo with your usual shampoo first, then shampoo a second time with 80: 20 shampoo/bhringraj - you won't believe the results !

I really hope you will continue selling such wonderful products and look forward to ordering from you again!!! There is no such thing as cold pressed bhringaraj oil!

Bhringaraj oil is not made by pressing the oil out of the bhringaraj (eclipta alba) plant.

It prevents hair fall, premature greying, strengthens the hair roots, conditions the hair well, prevents split ends, stimulates hair growth, prevents baldness, premature greying and alopecia - in short everything that is needed for a healthy hair.In order to meet the USDA’s stringent organic standards our entire line of supply is regularly inspected by independent 3rd party certifying agencies.Learn More Many widely used plants are threatened and in danger of being unavailable either through extinction or protective legislation.She has only used it a few times so it is too early to say but she did like the way her hair felt so moisturised and soft.Bhringaraj (eclipta alba)This powder can be mixed into a paste and applied to the hair and scalp.

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