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Shanghai 200433, China 2800 (Office) The Saisiyat tribe of Hsinchu and Miaoli will perform a solemn rite this weekend to commemorate a race of people that they exterminated By Jules Quartly, November 27, 2004 Drinking, singing and dancing are expected to take place deep in the mountains of Miaoli and Hsinchu when the "Ritual of the Little Black People" is performed by the Saisiyat tribe once again this weekend.For the past 100 years or so, the Saisiyat tribe has performed the songs and rites of the festival to bring good harvests, ward off bad luck and keep alive the spirit of a race of people who are said to have preceded all others in Taiwan.“This is discrimination against us lesbians,” wrote one user on Weibo.

But Jin and his fellow researchers found that early humans belonged to different species, of which only the East African species developed into modern humans.It said that the Shanghai scientists were part of an international team comprised of researchers from Russia, India, Brazil and other nations in a five-year project studying the geographic and genealogical routes related to the spread and settlement of modern humans.CONTACT INFO: PROFESSOR JIN LI - Fudan University Shanghai Fudan Office Liren Biology Building, Rm 220 School of Life Sciences Fudan University 220 Handan Rd.In fact, the short, black men the festival celebrates are one of the most ancient types of modern humans on this planet and their kin still survive in Asia today.They are said to be diminutive Africoids and are variously called Pygmies, Negritos and Aeta.

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