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This book describes the variety of these moving works and the stories behind them.tells the Commission's story from its beginnings on the Western Front during the First World War under the direction of Fabian Ware, describing the contribution made by the architects, sculptors, engineers, horticulturalists and men of letters who combined to create the war cemeteries and memorials that are so familiar today.

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Local merchants, restaurants, and banks have contributed to the commercial success of our community.Burgesses, police officers and volunteer fire fighters have added to the structure and orderliness of local government.Churches and various societies have heightened our awareness of something larger than the individual self or even our own community and to be grateful for our prosperity and generous in efforts to reach out to others in the name of that which is greater than us.They ranged in size from large cemeteries located in or near a village or town which had been behind the old Front Lines to small groups of battlefield burials and individual plots.The Ypres sector had seen the best part of four years of trench warfare fighting concentrated into a narrow area of ground to the north, east and south of the town of Ypres.

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