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"I just said, 'Oh, that's so sweet,' " he said."A Christmas Story," which the television network TBS still broadcasts on a 24-hour loop every Christmas eve, traces Ralphie's December-long quest for a Red Ryder BB gun.

The cult classic captured the essence of 1950s main-street America so well that plenty of people mistakenly assume the movie was made back then, a coup for filmmakers constrained by a "very low budget," Billingsley said.

But it was like Christmas morning every morning going to work, which was fun as a kid."Three decades later, Billingsley is producing the musical adaptation of the story on Broadway.

"A Christmas Story: The Musical" is showing through Dec. Many have tried reviving "A Christmas Advertisement Story" before but Billingsley says he has had "zero" participation until now.

(Instead, he's been busy writing, directing, producing and acting in various movies and television shows.) One 1994 sequel focused on Ralphie - played by another then-child star, Kieran Culkin - and his summer vacation misadventures.

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After spending months promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2, Rob deserves to kick back and relax during the holidays!

In fact, he made the decision in February before he even started filming the thirdseries.

“We were always optioned for three years,” he explains.

I think Rihanna is holding on, and Karrueche is getting back at Rihanna for interfering in her and Chris' relationship. Plus Karrueche has a clothing line and is still getting financed by Chris.

Despite rumors, SHE IS NOT his stylist, that was never confirmed by anyone.

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