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Ad Scheduling In internet marketing‚ Ad Scheduling is the practice of scheduling the day into several parts‚ during each of which a different t advertising rule is applied based on advertising objective‚ budget‚ and competitors.Advanced Match Type An option within Yahoo Sponsored Search that specifies how search terms are matched to ads.Ads that use the advanced match type are displayed for a broader range of searches relevant to your keywords‚ titles‚ descriptions and/or web content.By default‚ all ads are set to the advanced match type.Online: Apache Apache is a free‚ open–source web server software system that is pervasive on UNIX‚ Linux‚ and similar operating system types.It is also available for Windows and other operating systems. ASPX Microsoft Active Server Page Framework Auditor Third–party company that tracks‚ counts and verifies ad-banner requests or verifies a Web site’s ad reporting system.

Account A business or department that controls a marketing budget.Algorithm The process a search engine applies to web pages so it can accurately produce a list of results based on a search term.Search engines regularly change their algorithms to improve the quality of the search results.Most servers record an ad as served even if it was not.Advertising Network an aggregator or broker of advertising inventory for many websites.

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