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Teens register using an existing social media account (Facebook, Twitter, or Google ), though they can view broadcasts without registering.

Privacy is definitely an issue, but kids can change their usernames to something more anonymous than their Facebook or Google identities.

One wrote: 'I love how she really sings with so much emotion.

So beautiful.' Another asked: 'Did anyone else cry?

Chatting to This Morning on Friday, the 24-year-old actress giggled as she admitted that while getting up close and personal with the Irish hunk is 'really fun', it is also 'hilarious', as there are so many people awkwardly watching on set.

Working on the project became a means of spending quality time with his daughter.

With experience writing music for commercials and working for Atomic City Film, a production house in Salt Lake City, Dave edited the recording at home.

With nearly 200,000 views, the father-daughter duo certainly has cause to release more 'aw'-inducing videos in the near future.

Eleanor plays Demelza on Poldark, who became the wife of Aidan's character Ross Poldark in the first series, after he saved her from her abusive father by making her his kitchen maid.

The redhead went on to express her love of playing the feisty but constantly growing and changing character to show hosts Eamonn and Ruth. That's what people like - it's realistic.''It's only when the show's on that people say ''She's ginger, she must be Demelza!

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